Vitamin D

Vitamin D

Did you know that almost half of the American population is Vitamin D deficient? Vitamin D is an essential vitamin we need in our body to ensure our overall health. Dr. Steven Ching, our newest internist practicing out of our Hemet office, studied under a professor at UC Riverside who was one of the pioneers of studying about additional benefits of Vitamin D in the body. Not only does Vitamin D promote bone health, it also plays a role in kidney function, gut health, cardiac health and even mood management.

Where can we get Vitamin D?

  • Food! There are very few foods that naturally contain Vitamin D, some of those include fatty fishes like swordfish or salmon or in foods like egg yolks and soybeans. Often times, foods will be fortified with Vitamin D to enhance their nutrition. You can see this in foods like orange juice and milks. 

  • Sunshine! The most prevalent source of Vitamin D that is the easiest to obtain is through sunshine, specifically ultraviolet B rays. Dr. Steven Ching notes that because Vitamin D can be a great factor when it comes to mood, not having enough can affect anxiety and depression as well. The best amount is to get about 10-30 minutes of midday sunlight 3-4 times per week. This ensures that you get a good amount of Vitamin D but do not risk exposing yourself in a way that would harm your skin.

  • Vitamins! It’s also beneficial to get Vitamin D through nutritional supplements—easily purchased from your local grocery store. 

Symptoms of a Lack of Vitamin D

The symptoms of a lack of Vitamin D can often be non-existent, or they can masquerade as other issues. Some of the symptoms can include fatigue, muscle aches, discomfort, and mood changes. If you are interested in seeing if you do have vitamin deficiencies, please see your primary care physician. If you are looking for another primary care physician, Dr. Steven Ching is accepting patients at our Hemet location and would be more than willing to ensure your health and wellness.

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