Preventative Screenings

Preventative Screenings: Part 1

Preventative screenings are vital to maintaining optimal health. We have partnered with Dr. Onaitis, an oncology surgeon with UCSD, to explain what types of preventative measures are taken to keep patient health at the highest level.


Understanding preventative screenings, according to Dr. Onaitis, is one of the best things you can do to ensure you do not end up in his operating room. As a thoracic surgeon, the most common disease he ends up operating on is lung cancer. When asked what kind of preventative screenings Dr. Onaitis recommends, he did suggest a CT scan for those who have 20+ pack years of smoking (those who have smoked one pack of cigarettes a day for 20 or more years). Early intervention is key for those who do have higher risk factors, such as smoking. Dr. Onaitis wanted to encourage patients to stop smoking if that is a current habit, and to move your body to strengthen your lungs every day. The stronger your lungs are, the stronger they will be to combat anything that might befall them.

Preventative Screenings: Part 2

A little closer to home, we have RFMG Internist Dr. Ching who also favors preventative medicine which helps in catching any maladies early so that treatment can be as easy as possible. 

What does Dr. Ching recommend?

Breast Cancer Screenings – For women who are over 45, mammograms are highly important. If there is a history of breast cancer in the family, screening before 45 may be advised. 

Colon Cancer Screenings – Colonoscopies are advised for both men and women every ten years. A stool test should be done yearly as well to check for any abnormalities.

Vascular Disease Screenings – Men who are over 65 who have a history of smoking should get ultrasounds done of the aorta to make sure there is nothing alarming happening in one of the main arteries. 

Additional Screenings

For those with specific health conditions like heart disease or diabetes, there are specific screenings done. This can include yearly eye exams, cholesterol screenings, metabolic panels and more. We encourage discussing with your doctor preventative screenings for all the health conditions that you may have.


Preventative medicine is the most important medicine to practice. Instead of being reactionary, our doctors want to be proactive. If you are looking for a new primary care provider who is eager to help prevent the onset of health conditions, please call 951-225-6807 to chat about which doctor is right for you.

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