High Blood Pressure & Its Risks

High Blood Pressure & Its Risks

There are a variety of causes for high blood pressure, all of which work simultaneously to raise an individual’s risk factor for heart disease, kidney disease and strokes. Smoking, obesity, high sodium levels, alcohol consumption, stress and genetics all play a factor in raising the chances of contracting hypertension. Most of these are relatively straightforward to cut out: limit smoking and alcohol consumption. However, considering that 1/3 cases of hypertension are related to being overweight, lowering obesity and raising activity levels are the real winners when it comes to mitigating hypertension. 

Dr. Uttaburanont, a Doctor of Internal Medicine within Rancho Family Medical group, has recommended diet and lifestyle changes that can lower your risk of high blood pressure and raise your likelihood of having a long and fulfilling life. 


Maintaining the DASH Diet. What is the DASH Diet? A diet of mainly fresh fruit and vegetables with moderate amounts of lean meats, whole grains, nuts and seeds. The key is consuming less sodium than is typical in a standard American diet. An example of a healthy meal for those at risk of hypertension would be herb and lemon roasted salmon with a side of steamed veggies on the side, with a dessert of low-fat Greek yogurt and some seasonal berries.

Exercise that fits you!

Exercise that can be tailored to your fitness level. Aerobic exercises are effective and important in reducing blood pressure. These activities could include a brisk 30-minute walk once a day, taking a bike ride around your neighborhood, mowing your front lawn, or even climbing stairs. Strength training is equally as important in lowering your blood pressure long term. Rancho Family Medical Group has partnered with CrossFit by Overload to bring you online virtual workouts for every strength level straight to your living room. To access these workouts, please click button below. 

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